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The disposal of organics and food waste materials has become a problem in the entire world. New regulations require organics to be diverted from landfills or ban completely organics from landfill sites, as well as incinerators. Anaerobic digestion has been the alternative solution worldwide over the last years. The produces biogas can either be used to power a generator to produce electricity, the gas can be cleaned to be injected in the grid, or condensed into CNG for use as fuel for trucks and vehicles.


The TWISTER De-packager & Separator allows to separate packaging from food or other organic material. This is the perfect unit to process waste materials, such as municipal solid waste {MSW) and food waste materials including including source separated organics (SSO) to be treated prior to further processing and be transformed into biogas in an anaerobic digester and consequently transformed into renewable fuels, renewable energy, animal feed additives, organic fertilizers or compost. The versatility of the TWISTER allows to separate organics from can, wrapper, bag, styrofoam, yoghurt ,plastic bottle or plastic jar packaging. The de-packaging process starts with a loading phase into a standard 12 cubic yard hopper. In case of project requirement, the size of the hopper can be sized accordingly. The hopper has an auger at the bottom that crushes and conveys the material to be separated in the TWISTER compartment. A secondary auger is installed in the hopper in order to avoid bridging and building up of material in the hopper. This auger only starts when bridging is formed and acts as a bag opener.

Then the vertical hammer-mill separate the organic product from the packaging in creating an upwards vortex and twister effect removing the solids from the pasty material and leaving all organics in the paste or liquid. The replaceable paddles of the vertical hammer-mill extend radially from the vertical shaft rotated by a motor, they are positioned in a spiraling position in order to facilitate the exit of the in-organics longitudinally, in a spiral-like fashion, along the shaft. Depending of the source of the material and the product requirement, the water control will help to achieve the right consistency for further treatment. The clean organics are collected at the bottom of the twister compartment and can be discharged by gravity in a holding tank or pumped immediately into the digester.



The innovative design of the TWISTER is the result of high experience in the field of pretreatment and filtration and has been optimized following extensive testing of different filtration scenarios that optimize organic capture for the best energy recovery. The optimized shape of the drum openings increase considerably the open area, and guarantees the passage of the organic fraction reducing considerably the use of clean water in order to dilute the organic material itself.


  • Automatic operation
  • No pre-treatment necessary
  • Continuous functioning
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Low energy consumption
  • High quality Stainless Steel Construction
  • Pickled and passivated